Mandy Sheer's elaborate plan for world domination, which (according to her) has 10 steps:

  1. Create Time Machine.
  2. Hypnotize Granddaughters and murder sons.
  3. Force granddaughters to bring me to the future.
  4. Use futuristic technology for five phase plan for world domination.
  5. Pose as mayor.
  6. Build mayor robot (subdue her soul).
  7. Capture city.
  8. Threaten World.
  9. Capture world and blow it apart.
  10. Total control of what's left of the population. FUN TO TORTURE MANY!

This plan was enacted over the course of 50 years, spanning the first seven seasons of Conniving Puffin, and was ultimately resolved by Mildred and her family.

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