Devised to put an end to Ginger's 12th Dimensionality, this plan involved all assets coming together to create weapons and destroy her. Once they all banded together, Antoinette created an Alchemic Blowtorch, a device capable of burning Ginger's vessel, pulling her soul back into it so that they could kill her. They begin their plans, and a sub-part of The Ginger Busting Plan, known as The Extreme Team Supreme Puffin Scheme begins.

After that, Antoinette tries separating Ginger's ashes so she can't reform herself, but Ginger reveals that she hopped from her body at the last second, and possessed her son. Charles and Susanne, still inside of her soul. "Jamison" tackles Antoinette down a hole, and blocks it.

At the bottom of the hole, Antoinette finds a room. She runs back up the hole and freaks out. The opposouls have escaped into the city.

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