The execution of Ginger's defeat. The action packed part of The Ginger Busting Plan.

Mildred passes out by Ginger's doing, so Antoinette grabs Mandy's bazooka and blasts her way into the vault. She descends down into the hidden basement, and finds Ginger's vessel. Ginger's soul appears, and sucks Antoinette into it. Apparently, Ginger created a torturous world inside of her.

Antoinette found Susanne and Charles inside, and apparently, Po had mysteriously disappeared a bit earlier. There are horrifying monsters in the world, and the threesome begin evading them.

Jamison finds his mother, but she paralyzes him. Mozart climbs down, and his emotionlessness prevents his paralysis. He burns her vessel with the blowtorch, and Ginger is contained. She gets mad, and chases Mozart, but the blowtorch falls from his hand and it acts as a molotov as it presumably blasts Ginger into oblivion.

Then the soul world collapses, but only Antoinette escapes in time.