Roberta is a spy hired by Ginger MacFiphenschall, to witness all of the events in The City, while Ginger had some fun in The Zeroth Dimension. Roberta can be seen hiding all over the place in various episodes, watching, hiding, mentally noting down all of the things that both the protagonists and antagonists are doing. Ginger's alchemy even shielded her from Mandy's temporary world domination.


Little is known about Roberta. She is quite emotionless, and will do anything Ginger says, though she apparently fears Ginger DEEPLY.


Season Five

Roberta is first seen in season five, when Bill explains that she was watching him when he injected Mildred's womb with Jeremiah's soul.

Roberta then watches as ghost Mildred, Mandy, and Mozart all have a fight in the episode before the season five finale. Mandy reveals to Mildred the knowledge Po gave her, and when she tells Mildred that "The Mayor's were played by somebody else", Roberta ducks away, knowing that it was Ginger's family who played them.

Season Six

She can be seen in many different places in season six. She watches through the window as Mozart has his mother tied up, she climbs around Mandy's newly built mansion in the finale, etc.

Season Seven

She avoids Mandy's entire world domination, and watches her torture and conquer the world from inside her little bubble, evading the cage however.

Season Eight

Once again, Roberta can be seen watching everybody do everything. She spies on Po bringing Mandy out of Deep Limbo as well.

Season Nine

She continues to watch the madness unfold in season nine. And while she's never directly SEEN in season ten, it is implied that she still spies throughout all of it.

Season Eleven

Roberta finally makes her move. She spies on Antoinette learning the truth of Ginger's past, and Roberta flees. She used Ginger's God alchemy to snap open a portal to The Zeroth Dimension, at which point she resurrects Ginger, with her job complete.

Roberta soon finds Mildred, opening her portal. Roberta informs Ginger, who snaps at her, and tells her to get out of her face.


She's funky looking. She has the trademark Conniving Puffin face, arms, and colours (or lack thereof). She wears tiny black shoes, and a long, thin, crinkled dress which goes up to her chest, and wraps around the tops of her arms. She has "rather large hips". She has platinum blonde hair, which points out horizontally like handlebars. She is voiced by Apple's text-to-speech voice, Veena.


She has no powers of her own, but she sucks Ginger's out of her. See Ginger MacFiphenschall's powers tab.


Anything a normal human would be weak to, but she typically is under the strict protection of Ginger's alchemy, so... Near invincibility.

Deaths & Resurrections

  • Birth - She was born at an unknown time, at LEAST 30 years ago.


  • She is the 2nd longest running mystery, only being beaten out by Ms. Finch.