Karen is the wife of the creator of alchemy, Connor Ingsham. She is the grandmother of Po McWince. She is likely a powerful alchemist. She is a Professional.


Not much is known. But it is assumed she just follows everything her husband does.


Early Life

She got married to Connor Ingsham, and had kids, who had kids, who had Po. Karen and her husband eventually died.

When Fay Schnackendoodler became an Opposoul, she traveled to The Zeroth Dimension and turned nine other souls into opposouls, and the first person they sucked up, was Karen.

Season Fourteen

Po asks his wife who she absorbed over the years, and she tells him that they got Karen. Po kills his wife, and drags out Karen, who says someone is grabbing onto her... But anyways, Po uses her as leverage to lure Connor Ingsham, who, upon his resurrection, obliterates Po.


Karen is the tallest character in the series. Mandy Sheer is a very tall woman (around 6'3"), because she gets her height genetics from Po, who is a towering height of 6'6". But Karen trumps them all, at borderline 7 feet tall. She wears an extremely long dress, and had a pony tail with a bow on the end of her black hair. It is very short on the top of her head, but very long and voluminous on the way down. She is voiced by Apple's TTS voice, Princess.


See Professional Alchemy.


Likely she is protected by Connor, so not many.

Deaths & Resurrections

  • Birth - About 300 years ago.
  • Death - 200 to 300 years ago.
  • Resurrection - Sucked out of death by Fay, released from Fay by Po.


  • She is the tallest character in the series, by a long shot.