Julia has never physically been seen, but she is assumed to be a nasty woman, who looks like Ginger, and has the same thirst for vengeance.


Presumably, just like her daughter.


Early Life

After her Great-Grandfather was ran over by Po, her father and grandfather created an elaborate plan. They framed the McWince's for blowing up half the city, which led to Po and his family being evicted onto the streets.

Po soon later learned God Alchemy, and he massacred the entire family, leaving only Julia, who grew up with hatred, married a man named Justin, and forced her daughter, Ginger, to learn God Alchemy, and destroy Po's descendants.




It is unknown if she was an alchemist or not.


It is unknown if she was an alchemist or not.

Deaths & Resurrections

  • Birth - She was born at least 120 years ago.


  • She is one of the only characters who is left as "unknown", as we have no clue if she's died or not.

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