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Here's some links to characters!


Antoinette Core

Jamison Sanderson

Mandy Sheer

Mozart Sanderson

And some seasons!

Season One

Season Two

Season Three

Season Four

Season Five

Season Six

Season Seven

Season Eight

I hope you enjoy the wiki. Conniving Puffin is an extremely difficult series to comprehend, and hopefully this wiki aids in your understanding. I will continue to fill it out with every new episode that is released. Something very important to note: Whenever I talk about "seasons" on this wiki, I am referring to their chronological order, not by when they are uploaded. An example: Some episodes from season 5's story, take place in season 3. When dealing with that on this wiki, I'll be using the season in which the episode takes place. So in that example, season 5.


Mandy Sheer


Mozart Sanderson


Antoinette Core


Jane Core


Mildred Mayor

James Son

Jamison Sanderson


Susanne McWince


Po McWince


David Sanderson

This is the link to a table of seasons comparing to the character's recurring, main, or guest status:
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