Characters The Core's Jeremiah Core Bill Core Antoinette Core Marina Jensen Kyle Core Jim Core Jane Core The Sanderson's Charles Sanderson Mozart Sanderson David Sanderson Jamison Sanderson The Mayor's Mildred Mayor Beatrice Mayor Veronica DeBraeden The McWince's Susanne McWince Mandy Sheer Po McWince Phillip Sheer Fay Schnackendoodler The MacFiphenschall's Ginger MacFiphenschall Seasons The Core Era Season One Season Two Season Three Season Four The Sheer Era Season Five Season Six Season Seven Season Eight The McWince Era Season Nine Season Ten Season Eleven The MacFiphenschall Era Season Twelve Season Thirteen Season Fourteen Locations Realms Limbo Deep Limbo The Zeroth Dimension The Fourth Wall Houses Mandy's Mansion Antoinette's Mansion Jane's Mansion Marina's House More Locations The Mayor's Office The Beach The City Machine Rehabilitation Facility City Vault Museum NASA Research Lab More Artifacts Hypnotic Amulet Alchemic Powder David's Truck The Robot Alchemic Sword Time Machine Singularity Fragment Professional Disabling Gun Soul Syringe Spells Pond Portal Limbo Portal Teleportation Fourth Wall Creation Soul Swapping Spell Alchemic Ranking Non-Alchemist Beginner Intermediate Expert Professional God Battles The Great Puffin Plight The Kinship Slaughter The Core Civil War Po's Mission The Sinister Sanderson Scheme The Assassination of Mildred Mayor The Assassination of Mandy Sheer Preventing the Plight Travelling to 1967

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